Episode 100: Listeners Interview Host Natalie Eckdahl

Natalie Eckdahl, Episode 100

The tables are turned! The Biz Chix Podcast host Natalie Eckdahl is interviewed by listeners of the show. Get intimate with Natalie as she answers questions about her life, her family and her business. Natalie also shares how she stays productive running two businesses and being a mom to soon to be 3 children. Finally, hear some of Natalie’s top takeaways from the first 100 episodes!

Inside this episode

  • My favorite quote

Go big or go home - BizChix.com

  • My top recommendation for business books

The slight edge Audio CD by Jeff Olson - BizChix.com

The Tipping Point audio by Malcolm Gladwell - BizChix.com

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  1. Congratulations on 100 Episodes! Miss connecting with you via FNE…we’ll have to connect soon to check in. Are you going to Amy’s Mastermind in September? I went to June’s and it was AMAZING!!

    • Thanks Celest! Loved having you on in episode 48! I was not able to go to the mastermind in June b/c it was my daughter’s once a year dance recital with two shows taking up the entire day and in September I will be cuddling my newborn due Sept 9. I’ll be doing the online mastermind!

  2. Thanks for such a wonderful, in-depth A to my Q, Nat! You had great insights and gave me some things to consider as I move forward making decisions about both business and personal development. I loved this episode. 🙂

    • Hi Brianne. Glad my “A” was helpful to your “Q”. Loved your question and I think it is something we all universally struggle with. Keep me posted on what you decide to do going forward. xx.


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